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Welcome to Byrd Dental Health Center. We, Dr. Byron Byrd, Dr. Claudia Storch, Dr. Maryam Nabavi, and Dr. Iris Chan are devoted to excellence. We are dedicated to operating a practice that exceeds our patients expectations and we take pride in our ability to provide the finest dental care for our family of patients. Conveniently located in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD, our offices provide a wide variety of excellent services. We strive to provide the best dental care available. Preventive and complete dentistry are the keys to keeping teeth for a lifetime, which is our ultimate goal. This goal, however, can only be accomplished if we work with our patients as a team. We will always recommend the ideal, but we will never provide treatment that our patients don’t desire. We feel strongly that our patients should play a key role in deciding what care is appropriate: it is our job to give people choices concerning their health, but our patients can choose to accept all of the recommendations, part of them, or none of them. We also strive to keep ideal dental care affordable, realizing that value is important. Excellence in dentistry provided to the best of our ability is only part of the formula for successfully helping people keep their teeth for a lifetime… affordability is equally important. With a state of the art facility, great customer service, advanced techniques, years of experience and always expanding our knowledge and training, we have earned our patients trust and confidence. Visit our newest office, located at 7115 Guilford Drive, Suite 101, Frederick, MD 21704.
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Byron K Byrd  DDS     Claudia Storch  DDS     Maryam Navabi  DDS     Iris Chan DDS
Dr. Iris Chan received her D.D.S. degree at University of Buffalo, New York and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at University of Binghamton, New York.  She has served the under-served community in Baltimore City and recently moved to the Germantown area.  She has participated in RAM (Remote Area         Medical) trips and enjoyed providing service to people where there is limited dental care resources.                   Dr. Chan is down to earth and caring. She always put                        patient’s needs first and treats her patients as she                    would her family and friends.  She’s happily married to                      Dr. Chan, who works at NIH and has  a lovely daughter                    named Emma. She is interested in gardening and                 reading about history in her spare time.  CHAN HOME